Raj Chall

Raj Chall

Commercial Energy Assessor

Raj Chall is a commercial energy assessor and Section 63 adviser with Scottish Energy Services. Based in Glasgow, the company works with domestic and commercial clients across Scotland.

Raj's Articles

  • How Do EPCs Impact the Value of Commercial Property?

    Generally speaking, the better your EPC rating, the better the impact on the value or marketability of your property. Tenants and buyers are understandably more attracted to properties where they’re less likely to need to carry out extensive alterations. ...

  • SBEM Made Simple

    If you’re creating or altering a commercial building with floor space of more than 50sqm, it will be subject to Simplified Building Energy Modification (SBEM) calculations. Part of your building control application, they’re used to predict CO2 emissions and make sure your premises complies with regional building regulations....

  • Commercial Property in Scotland: Your Complete Guide to Section 63

    Are you based in Scotland? Do you own a commercial property or a property unit more than 1000sqm in size? And are you thinking of selling or creating a new lease? If so, you’re probably subject to Section 63 legislation. ...