Location Spotlight: Suffolk

This charming East Anglia county has become a hub for some of the fastest growing sectors.

Suffolk is a historical and agricultural county exhibiting a variety of landscapes. Apart from the pre-historic locations with mines, it has a beautiful coastline with sandy beaches. While Suffolk County does not have a city, the rural towns are divine and have everything you expect to see in England. 

What can you find in Suffolk? 

Suffolk is a charming county in East Anglia, which is in the eastern part of England. It borders Norfolk to the north, Essex to south, the North Sea to the east, and Cambridgeshire to the west. Moreover, the county is an agricultural stronghold with a long history of farming dating back to the 18th century.

Suffolk Countryside

The county has extensive farming areas popular for growing cereals, vegetables, and sugar beets. Therefore, the food-processing industry is a significant economic activity. Toward the west of the county in Newmarket, you will find racing stables, which has been popular for decades for its draft horses. There is a famous fishing port in Suffolk called Lowestoft, and the coastline is also dotted with fantastic resorts.

Tourists often visit Suffolk for a myriad of outdoor fun activities. For instance, you can visit the seaside piers like Sutton Hoo and Southwold Pier. The Orford and Framlingham castles are also exciting places for tourists. As a pre-historic town, tourists can find historical sites like the Wool Towns and the Greene King brewery in Bury St Edmunds, which is famous for brewing ale for over 200 years. 

Current trends

With agriculture being a significant economic activity in Suffolk, the food-processing industry is thriving. While the majority of agriculture is mixed farming, Suffolk is a big supplier of cereals due to the mass production of wheat, barley, and sugar beet.

The county continues to recognise farming as a contributor to its economy by hosting an annual agricultural exhibition called the Suffolk Show. Moreover, the manufacturing industries in the county ensure there is a steady supply of fertilisers for farming.


The education centres in the region are promoting the existing economic activities by offering numerous agricultural courses. The University of Suffolk is the only university in the county with two academic faculties that focus mainly on agriculture and manufacturing. Suffolk also has easy access to the rest of the UK through the roads and rail transport. Therefore, companies can transport their products to other areas in the country.

Sector spotlight: The food and drink processing industry

The proximity to raw materials and transport has made the county an attractive spot for food processing companies. Most businesses process the produce from the farms before distributing the products for sale throughout the country.

The Greene King brewery in Bury St Edmunds is a crucial producer of beer in Suffolk, which distributes its beers as far as Scotland. The company is also a popular tourist attraction for its existence for over two centuries.


The Branston Pickle and the Huntley & Palmers biscuit company are also among the food processing firms in the county. The companies benefit from the farm produce and the ready markets in the region. The Birds Eye is also worth mentioning for its fame in processing meat and vegetables.

With research and development facilities at Martlesham Heath, production methods are bound to improve.

Is Suffolk for you?

Suffolk is a fantastic location for many businesses. The market is readily available from the tourists who visit the county. If you are interested in starting a manufacturing business, the raw materials are readily available, and you will have access to machinery from the companies that deal with manufacturing.

You can also venture into the retail business and sell products produced by the local manufacturing firms. The research and development in agriculture are excellent for companies that deal with the production and processing of farm products.

Restaurants, pubs, and hotels are also excellent business prospects that can do well in the county. The availability of fresh produce like vegetables and meat from farms and seafood from the ports makes it easy for restaurant businesses to perform well.

Suffolk makes a considerable contribution to driving the UK economy by being a hub for the fastest growing sectors. Therefore, if you choose the right venture, your business will soar in Suffolk.

Anthea Taylor

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